Consultation & Design

On-site Presentations
See the art options in your own environment. Studio visits are available by appointment for framing and for art presentations.

Architects & Designers
Alan Hammond becomes an extension of architectural and design firms which choose to offer their clients art planning services early in the construction process. I am accustomed to respecting the client-designer relationship, preserving the existing philosophy and design themes of the project all the way to follow-through with delivery and installation.

Budget Development
For both residential and commercial clients, Alan Hammond helps develop ‘art packages?which help development costs stay in line and ensure that the construction is complete through the art furnishings.

Acquisition & Commissioning

Public Works Projects
Alan Hammond’s experience covers the full range of activity from initial specing and bidding to project coordination and final installation, for both small artworks and large architectural pieces.

Custom Framing
Framing with Alan Hammond is having guidance and expertise in the many creative options and out-of-the-box ideas. We’re experienced in museum quality and archival framing as well.

Objects d'art
The right art in the right place means choosing from a variety of artists and mediums. Alan Hammond includes sculptural, wall hangings, freestanding and unique art objects in the array of what will work for each client.

Hospitality Runs
Alan Hammond develops site-specific work reproduced for your original style, taste and ambience. Clients include restaurant chains, hotels and medical facilities.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery and installation can be the most important and complicated part of the job. Alan Hammond follows through to completion and client satisfaction.

Charities & Fundraisers

Alan Hammond is experienced in creating and providing art for art auctions, art sales and other bona fide charity fundraisers.

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